Almeria, owing to its strategic location, opened to the Mediterranean Sea, has housed during its history different civilizations, being a strategic settlement to live.

It owns the title of the most daylight city during the year. More than three thousand throughout 365 days that give to this coastal city a special attractive.

Besides, is an incomparable framework for amateur photographers. The average year-round temperature is 20º, a warm climate that encourages to enjoy the nature, the beaches and its streets at any time.

In little over an hour, the visitors can pass from untouched beaches up to the higher mountains in the Spanish south-east. A scene where it mixed the desert with the most fertile vegetable patches

A great opportunity to carry out events in a qualified city to house any kind of event.  Almeria has its own Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos, an unique place to make your event a reality.