Municipal Theatre Maestro Padilla Auditorium

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Plaza de Alfredo Kraus, s/n, 04007 Almería
950 273 002
950 276 923

The Maestro Padilla Auditorium is an open space to the Mediterranean Sea and the city seafront. It was built in 1992, with an unmistakable “Moneo” style, is a kind of enclosure theatre, being the relationship between the audience and the scene, frontal and permanent. It is located in a place which connects the most cosmopolitan part of the city with the calm of the sea.

This building has three functional rooms to celebrate all kinds of events and capacity for 1.190 people. The developed activities are very varied, from opera performances up to theatre, congresses and exhibitions, for which exist two galleries. The biggest functional room, the central one, has capacity to house 950 participants. Close to these spaces, the Maestro Padilla has a gallery to celebrate any kind of exhibition. It has, as well, free parking area.

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