Near some of the most important mountain systems such as Sierra Nevada and close to the Mediterranean Sea, Almeria has become in one of the most attractive cities in Spain.

Very well-connected, its geographic situation has determined that it does not be just a crossing-point for tourists and visitors. Its coastal situation and its fast growing development communication infrastructures, have made this city accessible, home and abroad our country.

A little over 6 minutes from the city and from the Palacio de Congresos, is located the airport. An important communication hub that receives large number of tourists from the main European capitals and also North African.

Almeria receives in its harbour, vessels and cruises from the most various countries that leave thousand of tourists every year. Besides, the city is connected by sea to the main cities of the North African coast.

The Spanish railway network has in the south of the country its most Mediterranean stop. The city is connected to the rest of the country and also with the European countries through its intermodal station where buses and trains offer its services to the visitors and tourists.

The road access can be made by the coast, the Mediterranean highway or the A-92 that connects Almeria with the north of Andalusia and Spain.

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The international airport located less than 10km from the capital and 5km from the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos Cabo de Gata- Ciudad de Almeria. It has direct flights to the main Spanish cities and most of the European capitals.

Almeria airport

Ctra. de Níjar. Km 9

04130 Almería

Telf.: 950 21 39 00

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Train. Intermodal station


Plaza de la Estación, s/n

04006 Almería

Telf.: 902.24.02.02

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Buses. Intermodal Station

Plaza de la Estación, s/n

04006 Almería

Telf.: 902.24.02.02

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