The City

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Almeria city is located in the southern of the Peninsula Iberica. Is the European city with more daylight hours and a privilege weather. Its origins go back from distant times, although the Moorish founded it as a city in 955. With almost 200000 inhabitants, it is a quiet and welcoming city full of contrasts. It owns 40km of beaches to enjoy the sun or the nature tourism, especially in Cabo de Gata Natural Park’s virgin beach.

It owns an important commercial and passengers transport harbour as well.; relevant at national level, and an active airport.

In 2005, Almeria held the Mediterranean Games giving the city a lot of facilities and sportive equipments.

All of this and much more is what makes Almeria an unique tourist destiny. A province where the visitant will find from golf courses close the Mediterranean Sea up to small towns in the hillsides of the mountains where the time seems to be stopped keeping its ancient charming.

By its monumental and nature wealth, Almeria offers a landscape full of contrasts that can be enjoyed by leisure offers where we highlight golf, the sportive harbours, diving or caving; with its delightful gastronomy and its deep-rooted traditions.

A destination that undoubtedly worth a visit.

We have to mention its playful and festive part, The Fair and Festivals of Almeria which take place in August. It transforms Almeria in an excellence choice for your holidays. Declared National Tourist Interest, The Almeria’s Holy Week celebrate each year an example of splendour and deep-rooted culture.

Almeria city is developing an active labour inside the congresses tourism sector, bringing together countless attractiveness for the visitors, betting for an important monumental, cultural, natural, gastronomic, accommodation, golf and leisure offer, transforming it in an interesting place with the most modern infrastructure able to house all kinds of events.